The 2016 Pat-Tech Exchange will cover:

1: Legal Processes

  • Devising a patent enforcement strategy
  • Tips and tricks for patent filing
  • Successful docket management
  • IP risk management procedures
  • Freedom to operate assessments
  • Patenting software
  • Dealing with NPEs and trolls

2: Portfolio Management

  • Patent quality vs. quantity
  • Trade secret management
  • The secrets to competitive intelligence
  • Patent valuation
  • Patent analytics & mapping

3: Licensing, Monetization & Innovation

  • Monetization strategies
  • Software licensing
  • Licensing compliance
  • Tech transfer
  • Open innovation

Session Highlights:

  • Panel Discussion: Patent Enforcement Strategy: Carrot Vs. Stick
    Peter Berg, Chief IP Counsel,  Dräxlmaier Group
    Clemens Heusch, Head of European Litigation, Nokia
  • Roundtable Discussion: How Can You Raise Your Competitive Intelligence IQ?
    Gary Dauser, Senior Director of Licensing, Infineon
  • Keynote Presentation: Patents in Perspective: Exploring the Future of IP Disputes
    Fidelma Macken, Former Judge, Supreme Court of Ireland
  • Comparative Case Study: Nurturing Innovation With Smart Licensing Strategies
    Daniel Hermele, Senior Director and Legal Counsel, Qualcomm
    Mairi Gibbs, Head of Operations, Isis Innovation

  • Interactive BrainWeave™: Exploring Smart Patent Analytics