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  • Transcript: How ST-Ericsson is Driving Revenue from their Patent Portfolio

    Peter Ericsson Nestler, Head of Patents at ST-Ericsson, joins Legal Exchange Network to discuss how to drive revenue from your patent portfolio and how to address challenges along the way. He also reflects on the impact of the America Invents Act on future patent applications, and on how he expects the IP sector in Europe is set to develop.


  • What to Take into Consideration When Valuing Your Patents
    Adam Kubelka, Director of IP at JDSU and Christian G. Frey, Siemens’ Head of Innovation & Patent Coordination, share their opinion on what a valuable patent portfolio looks like. 
    At Siemens, a patent portfolio is valuable if it protects the R&D; investment. The portfolio must be strategically placed and integrated with trademarks and design rights to guarantee strong product differentiation.
    JDSU relies on its patent portfolio as a shield against competitors in a more concentrated industry with less product differentiation. They also leverage the patent portfolio as an employee benefit for their inventors, who are confident that the company is putting a great deal of effort into protecting their work.
  • Exclusive Interview With Google's Transactions Strategy and Patent Licensing Manager, Kurt Brasch
    Google’s Kurt Brasch, Transactions Strategy and Patent Licensing Manager speaks exclusively about the challenges of implementing a licensing strategy. A must see.
  • Planning and Implementing Successful Licensing Strategies

    Matthias Ulrich Director, EMEA License Compliance, Dolby Europe Ltd believes it is important for businesses to first understand market conditions before planning a licensing strategy. He shares his own experiences at Dolby as well as predictions for the future of IP in Europe.

  • Protecting, Monetizing and Expanding the Scope of Your Patent Portfolio With Limited Budgets
    Anne – Li Sigvardsson, Intellectual Property Manager at Vitrolife and Jeffrey Johnson a Partner at Pryor Cashman from the USA investigate the theme of protecting, monetizing and expanding the scope of your patent portfolio with limited budgets, plus getting your Board to buy-in to your strategy.